4 Reasons Why Mwa International Is Your Ideal Heritage Consultant
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4 Reasons Why Mwa International Is Your Ideal Heritage Consultant

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  • 25 July,2019

What is it that makes a heritage consultant laudable? It is, to begin with, the sheer passion and dedication for national heritage. At MWA International, clients get to experience the highest standards of professionalism in the persons of Robert and Kerry McKillop. Both exemplify experience and vision, attributes especially entailed by the monumental enterprise of heritage conservation. Apart from that, the following four reasons may clarify why MWA is your ideal heritage consultant.

1.Vision and Experience

Vision alone is not enough to steer a venture towards a successful culmination. It claims the steady support of equivalent experience. At MWA, driven by highly experienced professionals, clients are promised a harmonious blend of vision and experience. Already, the consultancy has undertaken fifteen historical and heritage studies for the Heritage Unit of the NSW State Rail Authority.

Other prestigious projects include: design and implementation of the Australian Railway Monument and the Rail Journeys Museum; preparation of the history of the Central railway Station and the Great Northern Railway, to name but a few. Consequently, the firm has emerged as one of the leading railway heritage consultants in NSW.

2.Extensive Client Focus

Clients constitute the core of a business. Accordingly, we leave no stone unturned to address the specific preferences of our multifarious clients. In other words, uncompromised attention to clients has been the hallmark of our heritage preservation endeavour.

Keeping up with the spirit of cent per cent client focus, flexibility is one of our fundamental concepts. Accordingly, we believe in engaging in open-ended collaboration with our esteemed clients. Consequently, we have been successful in earning the honour of implementing the preparation of a thematic historical context study of the NSW Railways.

The current profile of the consultancy is thanks to the distinguished clients we have had the honour to liaison with.

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3.Experts at the Helm

As mentioned at the outset, our organisation is blessed with the expertise of Robert McKillop, the principal consultant. According to his biography, he has been the editor of the esteemed Light Railways, compiler of the Australian Railway Heritage Guide and editor of the Australian Railway Heritage magazine, to name only a few.

Robert has also been the foundation member of the Walter Burley Griffin Society, and a distinguished member of the Willoughby District Historical Society. With such an experienced mind at the helm, it entails no great guess to prophesy the course of an organization.

4.Passion for Preservation

To sum it up, the sheer passion for preservation of national heritage is what has driven, and continues to drive, the prospects of our organization. Both relish and resolve of our experts are apparent in the staggering range of high-profile projects we have so far undertaken. With a balanced manoeuvring through business interests and client prospects, we continue to draw inspiration from our core strengths of passion and pragmatism.

Heritage conservation is a monumental task that entails rigorous research and competent implementation, not to mention perseverance. At MWA International, we promise our clients an authentic handling of preservation projects.



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