A Guide to Growing Barley at Home
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A Guide to Growing Barley at Home

There is no doubt about the fact that barley is one of the oldest crops that is grown around the world. Even though the hull around the seeds is not digestible yet numerous hull-less varieties exist for consumption. Here, the question is whether you can grow barley at home or not. Well, surely you can, based on the fact that you can provide suitable conditions for the plant to grow ideally. Indeed, the plant grows well in cold and dry areas, yet it can be grown in hot and humid areas as well. In the humid and tropical regions, the plant is susceptible to fungal disease, but it is an adaptable grain which once established, requires minimal care.

Information about Barley Plant

It is a well-known fact that barley is a cover crop, yet it is also a malting crop that can be turned into flour. It must be understood that you do not require acres of land for growing barley. However, you can take the help of the agricultural consulting firms in Australia to guide you on adequately growing the crop. Barley can be grown even in your backyard with proper guidance. However, it can be tough to cradle a small number of seeds. Also, it is a cool-season grass that is used for feeding domestic animals. People who are not interested in beers can grow barley for soups, bread, and stews.

Since it is a cover crop, it is seeded with legumes, yet as forage or a food crop,it is always sown alone. One of the essential ingredients is a well-drained soil for growing barley. The second important thing is the seed type. Based on the type of usage, there are hull-less, hulled, plus malting varieties. Usually, companies sell the seed through the bushel, yet few have it in lesser amounts. If you have collected the seeds, make sure to remove the weeds, and prepare good drainage. A location that has ample sunlight is best for maximum seed production.

Remember that barley needs at least 90 days from seed to harvest. Hence, it is wise to plant it earlier so that seeds can ripen before cold temperatures start making an impact.

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