Agriculture Consultancy
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Agriculture Consultancy Services in Australia

Our Agricultural Consultancy Experience in Australia and Internationally

At MWA International, we have been focusing on agriculture and agriculture extension services since 1972. As a venture committed to serving our clients in the best possible way, we are proud to have served some of the leading names in the agro-community. Our services have successfully made us a respected mid-sized agricultural consultancy service in Australia.

Successful Global Collaborative Projects

Of particular interest is the effective ‘Cooperative Landlord’ strategy formulated by Robert McKillop along with his colleague, Laurie Sewell in Northern Samar Province in the Philippines. The scheme was designed to introduce improved rice varieties for peasants with a view to raise the production and income of the farmers by engaging with their landlords to enhance their cropping technology. The venture was a hands-down success, gaining important kudos for the Australian funded project. Following that, Robert was engaged by the Asian Development Bank to facilitate the production of vegetable crops in Northern Luzon for the core Manila market. The collaboration with the Bank has led to a host of successful evaluation and staff training projects in Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Sri Lanka to enhance project evaluation skills by taking trainees into the field for hands-on post-evaluation tasks.

Under the leadership of Robert McKillop, MWA International has successfully emerged as a successful mid-tier consultancy in Australia. Having been engaged with the trade for decades, we are particularly conscientious of our client’s priorities. We collaborate with other firms openly and actively, leaving room enough for potential suggestions. Our aim is all-round growth based on all-around discourse.