Lesser-Known Facts About AIDS that Everyone Should Know
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Lesser-Known Facts About AIDS that Everyone Should Know

It is true that we do not talk much about AIDS even though we talk about various other diseases quite comfortably. At the same time, the thought of AIDS often brings the connotations of wasted life as well as death simultaneously. However, many are aloof of the fact that AIDS and HIV are different from each other. It is a fact that many people are living in the world being HIV positive as well as enjoying a healthy life without any hindrance. Today there are companies that are into AIDS project design and evaluation specialists that are researching about AIDS and HIV in the current times. 

In the early times, the term AIDS was associated with all the medical conditions that were related to what was at that time an unknown virus. Even in contemporary times, the term AIDS is used to signify numerous illnesses that a person can get when the immune system collapses. However, thanks to the treatment of HIV that makes it possible for the affected people to live a happy and healthy life without any hindrance. Many people find it difficult to find the right way of treatment after they have been diagnosed with AIDS. Many patients also hire HIV consultants in Australia, so that they can get the best guidance in the treatment process.

Also, it is a fact that there is a negative vibe associated with AIDS which doesn’t help people diagnosed with AIDS to come forward with confidence to test for HIV.

HIV is Not as Difficult as it is Defined

Irrespective of the fact that it can damage our immune system, HIV is not as resilient as people think. Also, many do not know that HIV can also be transmitted only by bodily fluids which can cause infection when it reaches blood through cracks in skin as well as in the lining of the mouth or in the vagina.

Life Expectancy

Many do not know that the advent of ‘highly active antiretroviral treatment’ (HAART) in the year 1996 helped in improving the health of many patients to a great extent. It was found by scientists that by combining three antiretroviral drugs, the deaths because HIV associated diseases declined from 60% to 80%. It is said that people who get this treatment have a good chance of living a healthy and long life.

People Who Do Not Get Any Symptoms

It is a fact that AIDS and HIV bear strong imagery which has convinced many people to think that there are some serious symptoms or the virus will spread fast. Well, neither of the information is true. The only thing is that if you are tested positive with HIV then you can know it is true.

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