Publishing 101: A Guide to Getting a Book Published
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Publishing 101: A Guide to Getting a Book Published

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  • 09 July,2020

Have you considered publishing a book? Well, that is great! If you are new to this, you might want to know how to do it right even for the first time. Publishing books has always been a cryptic process that seems to be reserved only for uber-rich people.

However, books come from a couple of sources these days, and that is good news for those who are not uber-famous or rich. No matter what your financial status, income or how many connections you have, you can publish a book as well.

All you require is a great idea, and patience to maintain throughout. At MWA International, we have a team of heritage publishing consultants who are committed to providing a world-class guide to heritage authors. Our best-in-class consultants intend to share our ideas about how to continue with publishing a book without any hassle.

Publishing is a process of preparing and releasing contents for sale and consumption. The process generally involves writing, editing, selling and marketing as well. For instance, an author can publish his or her content via traditional publishers or publish on their own (self-publishing).

Traditional or self-publishing?

Publishing a book traditionally means working with agents to edit, and market a book. In this process, if a publisher buys a manuscript, it is then, his or her duty to take risks associated with selling that book. If you are a new author, traditional publishing can be the best bet. 


This process involves controlling the financial and creative part, along with publishing the book by the author itself. They are free to choose which independent agent, editor or distributors to work with. The author takes risks associated with it. Those who are experienced authors or have a broad base of the audience may choose to self-publish a book.

What is the job of a publisher?

Book publishers are the one to take all the responsibilities so that a book can get published. With the help of editors, designers, publishers and marketers- a book is brought to a market.

Being an author, it is your duty to secure a publisher with the help of an agent. Some publishers even accept a job directly from authors. There are publishers who are specialised in contents such as fiction, non-fiction. They sometimes hire editors so that they can manage the manuscript, with the attention to diversify a book.

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