Three Major Challenges Faced by the Australian Agriculture
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Three Major Challenges Faced by the Australian Agriculture

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  • 16 June,2020

The agriculture industry in Australia is vast and going through constant changes over time. There are so many challenges faced by businesses in recent times. Having a very sparse population, stable economic condition and strong intellectuals, Australia is at a better position to create a constant food source for any other nation in the world.

However, currently, there are certain challenges faced by agriculture businesses. Although there are ample agriculture consultancy services in Australia, which can be used for the betterment of the current condition, it is important for firms to address the challenges in order to take steps accordingly.

Water challenge

The future of the agricultural industry relies greatly on how water is utilised. It is also necessary to come up with innovative ideas to improve the use of water. While there is various water technology implemented by the nation, there comes a question – is Australia effectively using all the opportunities in order to maximise the use of water.

Diversity and aged farmers

As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there is an aging workforce in the nation. Apart from that, a majority of farmers are male who has been in the field for about 30 years.

With due course of time, there have been incidents like droughts, making farmers feel stressed by the debts and its effect on their families. If this keeps continuing, there waits a potential risk. Young generations are less likely to invade in farming, meaning important land management and other farming skills will soon be lost in the generations to come.

It is high time to think about encouraging women to learn farm skills so that they can efficiently lead various farming operations. 

Innovative technologies and funding

Australian agriculture is in great need for government spending in the areas of innovation in the technologies that are suitable for agriculture. The focus should be on innovation for creating technologies, which will help the farmers to improve food production.

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