What Are The Best Conditions For The Cultivation Of Rice?
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What Are The Best Conditions For The Cultivation Of Rice?

Well, rice cultivation is nothing less than a delicate process, which includes preparing the soil, ensuring enough water supply, plus perfect timing of harvesting. However, the process of cultivation varies globally, from the basic agrarian level in the rural areas to the mechanized mass process on corporation farms. Besides, the number of factors is quite similar irrespective of how and where the rice is grown.

Keep reading to find out more about the factors to be considered for the cultivation of rice.


We need to be clear about the fact that rice is a tropical crop that is grown in a place whose average temperature in the growing season is between 20 and 27 degrees Celsius. One of the essential things during the four growing months is the availability of ample sunlight. Also, the minimum temperature should never go below 15 degrees Celsius because germination would not be possible below that temperature. People who face complex issues in growing paddy get the help of agriculture consultancy services Australia to guide them in taking the right steps for achieving the quality growth of crops.


It must be understood that paddy demands more water compared to other crops. It is because of this reason paddy cultivation is usually done in places with minimum rainfall, which is 115 cm. It is said that the areas with annual rainfall between 175 to 300 cm are the best suitable for cultivation.

Also, growing paddy requires flooded conditions, which should have a depth of water of over 25 mm during the time of transplantation to a minimum of 150 mm for ten weeks during the growing time.


Rice is grown in different types of soil, which can range from the podzolic alluvium of China to the water-resistant heavy clay of central Thailand. Moreover, the fertile riverine alluvial soil is perfect for paddy cultivation. In actuality, the clayey loam soil in monsoon land is regarded as the ideal soil for paddy cultivation because its water retention capacity is very high. Even this crop is grown over the saline areas of the deltaic region. Paddy cultivation demands high fertilizer applications.


When growing rice, you will need a level surface, for it is essential to flood the fields for at least once in the growing weeks. The perfect habitat is, therefore, the great alluvial deltas as well as the river basins of the world like Siking, Ganges, Irrawaddy, Menam Chao, Mekong, and Phraya, places with no gradient.

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