What Is The Life Expectancy Of People Who Is Diagnosed With HIV?
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What Is The Life Expectancy Of People Who Is Diagnosed With HIV?

People diagnosed with HIV positive are living long lives.  people with HIV can have the expectations of living a normal and long life as others who are not diagnosed with HIV. According to studies, a person with HIV exhibits the same life expectancy as an HIV-negative person. Many AIDS project design and evaluation specialists believe that if a person is diagnosed with HIV positive right in time, there is a good chance of having access to enough medical care. Having diagnosed in the right time means that an HIV-positive person is getting access to the right treatment that can make his or her life long-lasting.

There are a number of factors that have an impact on the life expectancy of a person who is living with HIV. Outcomes are different in different people on the basis of the following factors:

  • Effective treatment of HIV as well as quality medical care
  • Getting started with the treatment soon after the infection. The quicker you are diagnosed with HIV and get started with the treatment of HIV, the better it is for long term basis.
  • If someone had serious HIV-associated illness previously, it might have a negative effect on the life expectancy of a person with HIV.
  • According to research studies, the life expectancy of the HIV-positive patient is better when he or she responds well just in a year after having started with the treatment.
  • The medical care and treatment provided to treat HIV have evolved over time. In recent years, people that have diagnosed with HIV are likely to have a longer life as compared to people that were diagnosed with HIV longer ago.
  • Life expectancy gets shorter for people who inject drugs. It happens because of bacterial infection and drug overdose.

It makes sense that you consider the things affecting the life expectancy of almost everyone, no matter they have HIV or not:

Economic and social circumstance:  On the basis of where you have grown up, what is your economic situation, your educational qualification and social class, the life expectancy varies.

Lifestyle: Life expectancy of people is longer who follow a balanced diet and physically active, and maintain a healthy weight. People who do not drink excess alcohol or drug have a longer life expectancy.

To sum up
Despite having HIV, following the right medical care and treatment, it is expected to have a better life expectancy. HIV consultants in Australia are responsible for educating people on AIDS, HIV and STDs, along with their implications via different practices and programs. MWA International is a reputed consultancy firm that believes in collaborating with clients maintaining the professional relationship to ensure that they are served best. People seeking advice on HIV test and medical care are allowed to rely on us to seek assistance in any point of their difficulty. It is the responsibility of us to help people know the importance of knowing about HIV and its impact on life.