Why Heritage Consultants are Needed?
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Why Heritage Consultants are Needed?

Heritage consultants are specifically dedicated to coming up with a balanced heritage outcome. The job of a consultant is to establish a balance between making sure the interest of heritage and meeting the needs of clients.

Heritage consulting services in Australia can offer you with:

  • Expert guidance and advice  
  • Project design and feasibility
  • Certainty in the assessment development process
  • Quality heritage assessment and management             

When heritage consultants are supposed to be involved?

Heritage consultants work in various areas of a project, providing an extensive range of services which include:

Strategic services

Heritage item identification and conservation requires a strategic study into heritage to recognise places and items that are important to a local area or a community. These studies then reinforce the listings of heritage in a local environmental plan.

The consultant is supposed to work with the council directly to help formulate in the heritage study to direct and update a development control plan.

While dealing with various items of heritage, the heritage consultants organize feasible heritage management strategies and plans, providing extended-term guidance in the specific area of heritage item and or place.

Pre-design and purchase

Before purchasing a heritage commodity or a commodity in a heritage conserved area, heritage consultants can offer pre-purchase advice in terms of implicating heritage listings, planning needs, statutory obligations, potential constraints as well as general guidance.

While modifications and alterations are being considered, a heritage consultant will provide relevant information in pre-designing which can add potential value. It will help cut delays and avoid dissatisfaction by delivering parameters regarding the development without avoiding the significance of the heritage.


In this stage, heritage consultants offer advice and proper guidance regarding the suitability of that proposed heritage design, materials as well as finishes, while offering suggestions for reducing any risks.

Heritage conservation and construction work

During heritage construction, a consultant is responsible for giving advice regarding maintenance, conservation works, technical advice on fabric conservation and materials.          

Statuary approval

Heritage consultants are the one to make a heritage impact assessment. Once the development accord has been issued, the consent authority can need further heritage management to be made a development consent part.           

How MWA International can help?

MWA International is an established consulting firm and has been working in this field for the last few decades. From heritage consultation, agriculture consultation to railway heritage consultation, we take pride in delivering the best possible outcomes to help businesses thrive successfully.